General Questions

  • Complete bathroom remodels can vary greatly in cost, depending on the size of the bathroom, the materials that are preferred as well as the needs of the users.  Typically the cost will range from as little as $3500 to as much as $15,000.

  • As with the costs of the typical remodel, the time frame can vary largely as well.  For example, acrylic remodels may be completed within 1 or 2 days, where tile projects may take 7- 10 days depending upon the scope of the project.

  • Absolutely, for the convenience of our customers we offer financing options from 2 different companies that specialize in residential remodel project financing.

  • Removing a bathtub can be an expensive and time-consuming job that can damage other areas of your bathroom in the process.  An acrylic bathtub can be installed in as little as one day. 

    High-gloss, durable acrylic is unbelievably easy to clean with just a simple spray cleaner and wet cloth!

  • Refinishing or resurfacing are great options for short-term solutions but an acrylic tub has a Lifetime Warranty. So, you’ll never have to worry again.

  • We have been in business for 25 years. In 1993 we began offering our repair and refinishing services to homeowners and commercial customers in the North Florida and South Georgia area. Since that time, we have served thousands of customers and literally tens of thousands of bathtubs.

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