Important Points to Consider for your Bathroom Project

When you are thinking about a bathroom makeover it’s important to give some thought to the new style that you want to use for your project. Traditional, contemporary, minimalist, or something warm and earthy with natural tones are all good considerations. 

When considering the style of the bathroom, it is important to think about how the bathroom will be used. Will children be the primary users of the bath? And will they be toddlers or teens? A bathroom design for a young family may need low bathtubs to allow for easy bathing by parents and lower vanity tops for young children as they wash their hands and brush their teeth. But that same bathroom should be designed to accommodate children as they grow into their teens as well. Bathrooms designed for adults will have taller vanities, deeper soaking bathtubs, and taller toilets. 

Safety should also be a consideration. Especially if the bathroom will be used by those who may need special access features or senior adults. In this case, wall hung sinks, low threshold showers with ramps, and nice contemporary grab bars are certainly items that should be considered. 

So then, what type of wet area system will you use? Well, careful consideration of the previous questions will help to narrow the options that are available to meet your needs. At Yur Bath & Kitchen, we have seven different types of bath and shower systems to choose from. And we can help you work through the process to make sure that your new bath makeover is everything that you want and need it to be. 

Drop by our showroom today and let us tell you about the seven different bath and shower systems that we offer to meet your needs.